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Free Period Products in Stadiums

10 Reasons Sports Stadiums Should Offer Period Products for Free

December 13, 2022

There are SO many things that go into running a successful business, especially in the sports world. With everything you need to do to ensure people are happy, safe and entertained, keeping up with those needs can be super demanding.

Everyone visiting your facility NEEDS access to bathrooms stocked with the necessary supplies. Odds are your sports facility provides bathrooms stocked with toilet paper, soap and hand-drying machines or paper towels. But when it comes to menstrual products like tampons and pads, these products aren’t always available for free at sports stadiums or arenas

If you’re not stocking your stadium restrooms with free period products for those who need them, it may be time to consider doing so to support your guests in the BEST way possible. 

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Why should your sports facility start stocking free period products? Offering free period products in stadiums is more than simply the right thing to do. It also just makes sense for your business. No one should have to go without them, yet many people do. In the U.S., period products aren’t covered by food stamps or WIC, meaning some families have no choice but to go without them.

In case that’s not convincing enough for you, here are several ways that offering free period products can benefit your sports facility now and in the long run!

1. Diversity and Inclusion

Meeting the basic needs of your patrons sends a strong message of inclusion to all. If you’re looking to grow your fan base over time, it’s important to make your dedication to inclusion known, and providing free period products in stadiums is a great way to start. Aunt Flow is here for period inclusivity, and we love helping other establishments show their commitment by offering period products for free.

Inclusive Language for Periods

2. Cashless Stadiums

Sure, coin-operated dispensers were a great solution when they first arrived, but it’s almost 2023, and they’re just not cutting it anymore. With the move to cashless interactions, security bag checks and regulations often prevent people from bringing any cash or coins into your facility.

3. Clear Bag Policy

Across all sports leagues, clear bag policies have been implemented, restricting what people can bring into the arena. Now, a typical stadium-approved bag is equal to the size of a very small fanny pack. After your phone, hair ties, chapstick and keys go in, that doesn’t leave much room for your emergency tampons and pads… 

4. Community Engagement

Providing free tampons and pads in your stadium restrooms is another way to show patrons you appreciate their business. It sends a clear message that you care about the comfort and convenience of all your guests while positively impacting your community.

5. ADA Compliance

It’s likely that you have visitors from all over the world, with varying abilities and languages. Aunt Flow’s dispensers are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, making period products accessible to EVERYONE. It’s important that each and every guest coming to your sports facility feel truly welcomed and seen. 

Aunt Flow ADA Compliance

6. Women’s Empowerment in Sports

Thanks to Title IX, the way girls and women participate in sports has changed for the better. Even when they aren’t competing or practicing themselves, female athletes deserve access to period products. With increased access in their locker rooms and restrooms, women are guaranteed to feel more comfortable and confident in practice, during games and even as fans!

7. Sustainable Products

Providing sustainable bathroom products such as organic and plastic-free tampons and pads is important for menstruators AND the environment. 

8. Woman-Owned Business

When you purchase period products to offer for free in your stadium, Aunt Flow takes it one step further. For every ten menstrual products we sell, we donate one to an organization that supplies products to menstruators who need them. 

Not only are you providing benefits for your business and your customers, but you’re also helping others get access to these products. With the help from businesses like yours, we donated over 1.6 million period products in 2021 alone. Just imagine what we could do with your help, too!

9. Support Your Employees

Your employees are another critical group of people who stand to benefit from free period products in the stadium. If your employees don’t have to worry about buying their period products, it’s one less thing they have to stress about. 

In addition, providing free period products is a great way to show your employees that you truly care about their well-being. When your employees feel valued and appreciated, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your business. 

10. Legislation Changes

There’s still a long way to go as far as establishing laws around menstrual equity is concerned, but real change is happening. As of September 2021, there were over 140 bills in 37 states to advance menstrual equity by addressing the safety, access and affordability of period care products.

As these bills continue to be introduced and potentially turned into law, sports facilities must stay ahead of the curve and ensure they are compliant. Offering free period products in stadiums is one way to get ahead of any future legislation.

Ready to Join the Movement? 

If you’re ready to start offering free period products in your stadium, Aunt Flow can help. Build your period program today!

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claire coder,founder + ceo

claire coder,
founder + ceo

Hi! I’m Claire. I founded Aunt Flow after getting my period in public without the supplies needed.

At 18 years old, I dedicated my life to developing a solution to ensure businesses and schools could sustainably provide quality period products, for free, in bathrooms. Our products are made with organic cotton and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact! Since 2021, we've donated over 6 MILLION period products to menstruators in need. I call this people helping people. PERIOD.®