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I AM Bill

Massachusetts’ I AM Bill

February 27, 2023

No one should ever be forced to choose between buying food or period products. In Massachusetts, there are menstruators that have to make that exact choice every day.

Across the state, there have been a number of ongoing efforts by state politicians and local menstrual equity groups to help menstruators access period products through the push to pass the I AM Bill

What is the I AM Bill?

The Act to Increase Access to Disposable Menstrual Products in Prisons, Homeless Shelters and Public Schools (I AM bill) would ensure access to free period products to ALL menstruators in prisons, shelters and schools.

The I AM bill was filed by State Senator Patricia Jehlen and Representatives Christine Barber and Jay Livingstone in January 2019. 

Ever since, organizations like the Massachusets Menstrual Equity (MME) Coalition, the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women (MASS NOW) and our signature donation partner Dignity Matters have been working on getting this monumental piece of legislation PASSED!

The Massachusetts Senate FINALLY passed the bill on March 3, 2022. Yet, the MA House of Representatives has yet to pass it, which would make it become state law. 

Take Action

Download the MME Coalition’s Advocacy Toolkit for:

  • National and state research on period poverty
  • Shareable social media graphics 
  • Next steps to support the I AM bill
I Am Bill Take Action

Join Aunt Flow in writing to your State Senator and Representative to urge them to push for the I AM bill to be passed this session.

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claire coder,founder + ceo

claire coder,
founder + ceo

Hi! I’m Claire. I founded Aunt Flow after getting my period in public without the supplies needed.

At 18 years old, I dedicated my life to developing a solution to ensure businesses and schools could sustainably provide quality period products, for free, in bathrooms. Our products are made with organic cotton and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact! Since 2021, we've donated over 6 MILLION period products to menstruators in need. I call this people helping people. PERIOD.®