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How to Have Conversations About Period Equity

How to Have Conversations About Period Equity

April 12, 2023

Period equity is a critical issue that affects millions of menstruators around the world. Yet, there is still a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding this topic.

What is Period Equity?

Period equity refers to the idea that every menstruator should have access to period products, education and healthcare resources to manage their periods successfully.

Why Does Period Equity Matter?

Period equity is important because it has a significant impact on the lives of menstruators. When people lack access to pads and tampons, they may be forced to miss work or school, experience shame and stigma, or even face health complications.

In addition, period poverty can contribute to broader inequalities, such as gender-based violence, poverty and an overall lack of education.

What Can You Do to Support Period Equity? 

There are several things you can do to support period equity and break down the barriers that prevent people from accessing the resources they need. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to have important conversations about period equity:

Educate Yourself

It’s essential to educate yourself about the issue. Learn about the ways in which menstruation affects people’s lives, and familiarize yourself with the barriers people face when it comes to accessing period products.

Use Inclusive Language

Using inclusive language is important because it acknowledges the experiences of all people who menstruate, regardless of their gender identity.

Be Open-Minded and Non-Judgemental

When having a conversation about period equity, be open and non-judgemental. Listen to others’ perspectives and experiences, and avoid making assumptions or passing judgment.

Share Personal Experiences

Sharing personal experiences can help reduce stigma and create a more open and supportive environment. If you feel comfortable, share your own experiences with menstruation, or listen to others share their experiences.

Advocate for Change

Finally, use the conversation as an opportunity to advocate for change. Discuss ways in which you can support period equity, such as donating menstrual products or advocating for policy changes that promote access to period products.

With these tools, you can help eliminate the taboo associated with menstruation and promote period equity in your workplace AND community!

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