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Citron Data March 2023

Citron Hygiene Survey Findings Indicate a Demand for Increased Bathroom Standards

April 3, 2023

Is there a higher standard for menstrual hygiene practices in public bathrooms?

Our International Distribution Partner Citron Hygiene recently surveyed over 3,000 women across North America to answer that question, and the results were clear — standards NEED to improve!


  • 89% surveyed agree that tampons and pads should be offered for free in healthcare and school bathrooms
  • 75% believe that period products should be offered for free EVERYWHERE to ALL menstruators, all the time
  • 66% would prefer to spend money at a business that provided free period products over one that did not

Period Product Usage

  • 66% would only take the amount of period products they needed at the moment
  • 16% would stock up on what they needed for the rest of the day
  • 6% would take what they needed for the rest of their period

Findings indicate that only 2% of menstruators would take enough period products to account for future periods. 

Proper Product Disposal

  • 75% of respondents agree that touch-free disposal units are the superior disposal option
  • 30% would rather flush their pads and tampons than come into contact with an unsanitary, often overflowing wall-mounted metal waste box

When no waste disposal bin is offered in the stall, menstruators are most likely to flush pads (15%) and tampons (38%)

However, when a touch-free disposal unit is offered in the stall, the likelihood of flushing these products decreases to 13% for pads and 26% for tampons.

“The data we’ve gathered unequivocally displays a demand for increased standards in washroom hygiene, particularly for menstruating washroom users,” said Robert Guice, CEO of Citron Hygiene. “The status quo of unhygienic metal wall boxes and empty, paid vending machines is simply not good enough. Washrooms need to accommodate how menstruators manage their periods in public spaces so they can continue their work, school, and social activities without stigma or fears for their health or livelihood.”

Check out the full press release!

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