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ADA Compliance Guidelines for Aunt Flow Dispensers

ADA Compliance Guidelines 

November 30, 2023

Aunt Flow is here to support your dispenser installation process! 

It’s important to ensure that the hardware in your bathrooms is installed properly, following ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines. Below, we’ve outlined essential reminders for ADA-compliant installation.

Dispenser Installation Specifications:

  • Place dispenser 1.5”- 2” below grab bar or no more than 12” above the bar in a handicap stall
  • The operable part must be no more than 15”- 48” from the floor
  • The dispenser must not exceed 4“ from the wall in a passageway

Avoid Installing Your Dispenser:

  • Above an electrical outlet
  • Adjacent to a light switch
  • Next to a mirror
  • Over or close proximity to a hand air dryer
  • Close proximity to a door

Wall Surface Recommendations:

  • Avoid mounting on tile if possible
    • If necessary, try to position screws in grout lines
  • Sheetrock or paneling
    • Minimally insert screws into one stud

Once you’ve successfully installed your dispenser, it’s time to add bathroom signage to go next to it! 🥰

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